About Us

Mello Six was created by college junior, Tramell Orr. He was always super passionate in pursuing a career in the medical field (Neuroscience major), but working for someone else just isn't what he would've been happy doing long term. He needed something to call his own.

With that, the summer before starting college, at just 17 years old, he started his first business. "Mell's Tees" specialized in customizing everyday items. Things such as, t-shirts, hoodies, cell phone cases and more. Mell's Tees quickly proved to be one of the most reliable custom print businesses in Cleveland, OH. By age 19, Tramell had profited well over $10K. After about two years in the business world, he made plenty of mistakes and learned a lot. He also became hungry for more. The profit from Mell's Tees was only enough to survive, not something that he saw growing into a six-figure+ company. This prompted him to make the difficult decision of taking a break from Mell's Tees and he began brainstorming something much more grand. 

From about the age of 14, Tramell began manifesting the idea of owning a clothing line. Six years later, and that dream finally became his reality. It's very easy to say you want to build a clothing brand, but it's not something that happens over night. Designing original merchandise cannot be rushed. Sure, you can copy what someone else is doing, and it may even sell exceptionally well -- but where is the integrity in that? With Tramell's unmatched creativity and hustler spirit, it's no doubt that his business(es) will not only reach well over six-figures, but they will also leave their mark on the world forever.  Mello Six is a versatile brand, of basics and other essential items that any closet would be incomplete without. The clothing can be easily paired with other brands, for a top tier look.